The Scattergories Game Was Fun For My Birthday

I have been discovering a ton of great games lately for some great old-fashioned fun that never goes out of style. It is nice to get some new games online and to enjoy them on the weekends. There is nothing like some friendly competition between couples or between friends and family. I love finding some great games that expand my mind and that provide hours of fun.

I really enjoyed having a game night on my birthday. My boyfriend and I stayed at a hotel on my birthday and we had some friends over for a birthday dinner, then enjoyed some drinks and some fun games in the hotel lobby. We play Scattergories and this was so much fun to play. The game was a great way for us to bond and to test our mental skills.

The Scattergories game ended up being an awesome option for us and I am so glad that we decided to play it on my birthday. We had fun playing it with a smaller group and it is fun to play whether you have a small group or a large one. I am excited to enjoy playing this game in the future on the weekends or for another special occasion.

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