Katie And The Clouds

Clouds, A Learning Moment

My little niece, Katie, discovered clouds one day.  Her entire world at that moment got bigger and her horizons expanded.  It made me think… we should all try to be like Katie every day and look for how to make our world bigger and seek new horizons.  Opportunities surround us, we just need to look “bigger.”  And, always remember, that EVERYTHING is new and wondrous to a child.  It is our privilege to help them discover and notice these things.  Each day with your little one, look for ways to have a learning moment.  Even as silly and random as clouds!  Those moments are the most memorable and fun.

A Wooden Toy School Bus Is Nice For Imaginative Play

My son loves to play with some fun toys and he loves to make up some stories with them. I had quite the imagination growing up and I used to spend hours in my bedroom making up stories with my Barbie dolls and other toys. It is cool to see my son has the same kind of imagination, as he loves to make up stories and play with his toys for hours.

Finding some awesome toys for my son to play with is always exciting and I am always eager to get him something new as a gift or as a treat when he has done his chores or has been doing really well in school. He loves to have a new toy to play with to make his stories even more interesting and enjoyable.

My son has loved playing with a wooden toy school bus and he has one that he has been playing with for hours. The bus features a nice wooden design and it rolls easily. My son loves having the bus in addition to his other toy cars and trucks. The bus is a great addition to his collection and he loves to play with it with his friends or by himself.

A Puzzle Cube Was Our Obsession Growing Up

My brother and I loved to do all kinds of fun puzzles growing up and we still love to do some great puzzles to this day. It was so much fun to challenge ourselves with puzzles and my brother was always especially good at them. All those puzzles ended up being put to good use, as my brother is currently an engineer for Boeing and works on plane parts.

Finding some cool puzzles online is always fun. My brother and I love to have a cozy night in and play some fun games and do some puzzles to this day. We love to have that special bonding time during Christmas or New Year’s or for another holiday. We enjoyed doing some fun puzzles this holiday season and we can’t wait to discover new puzzles in the future.

I remember a particular puzzle that was especially fun for my brother and I growing up and that is a puzzle cube that was great for us to play with. This cube was really challenging but really fun at the same time. The cube provided hours of entertainment for my brother and I. Our cube really took a beating growing up, as we were always puzzled by it and eager to play with it.

Fun Toys For Kids Make Great Gifts

I loved to play with all kinds of toys growing up and now that I have my own family, I have loved having tons of fun with them and some fun games as well. I have two kids and I love getting them some fun games to play as well as getting some games for the other kids in my life. I can always find something that will bring hours of fun.

It is so easy and convenient to shop online and to find all kinds of great toys and games online for the kids in my life. I can get something educational or something that will be perfect for a road trip or on the plane. Finding some great toys and games for my kids is always fun and they make great gifts that will provide memories for years and years to come.

With some awesome toys for kids that I can get online, I can always have the perfect gift for a birthday or for the holidays or for another special occasion. It is cool to see what kinds of new games and toys are coming out or to get something that is a classic. Games and toys were such an important part of my childhood and it is great to see my kids enjoy them.

A Left Right Center Dice Game Is Great For Family Bonding Time

I love having some bonding time with my family and enjoying some good-old fashioned fun. It is nice to have some great games that we can play as a family ever once in a while. My brother and I moved across the country from our parents and it has been hard to be away from them but it is very special when we can all get together.

I have been very excited to go to Whistler ski resort this winter and to spend about a week there with my family. My brother’s wife and my boyfriend are joining as well and it will be so much fun to enjoy some quality time together with all of us. We will be able to get all cozy in our condo and enjoy some fun games like some dice games.

It is always nice to play some board games and some dice games with my family like a left right center dice game. This game is one of our favorites and we can’t wait to teach our significant others how to play it as well. The game will surely be a hit at Whistler this winter and it will be fun to have some healthy competition with it.

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