Imaginative Play Toys Were A Huge Part Of My Childhood

I have quite the imagination growing up and I still do have a pretty active imagination now that I am an adult. It was so much fun for me to enjoy some playtime as a kid and to explore and go wherever my mind wanted to. I would love to play by myself just as much as I loved to play with other kids. I could be in my room playing alone for hours.

I really loved to play with my Barbie dolls growing up and I would great really creative with them. I would put “makeup” on them using markers and I would put “highlights” in their hair using markers and even change their whole hair color. I would put different outfits on them and even found a way to “pierce” their ears and put earrings on them.

I would put make a hole with a small sewing needle through the ears of the Barbie dolls and then insert a string into that hole with a small bead on the end of it. These would be their “earrings” and they actually stayed on. Imaginative play toys were a great way for me to learn and get creative growing up, and learn a lot about myself as well.

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