Chunky Barnyard Animal Puzzle Is A Classroom In Itself!


The Chunky Barnyard Animal Puzzle is so much more than just a plaything.  This beautiful wooden puzzle guarantees hours of fun and learning.  No “one and done” here!  Its unique design allows your little one to make six different pictures using the same nine blocks.  Depending upon how each block is turned, your child will delight in creating a horse, a cow, a chicken, a sheep, a duck, or a pig!  Each design has a different background color to help keep kiddos on the right track as they piece together the animal of their choice.  What a perfect time to play “what does the _____ say?”

chunky barnyard animal puzzle

This puzzle does much for early coordination, encouraging manipulation both of hand and eye.  Tiny fingers work as they nimbly turn the cubes to and fro to find the proper side to place upward.  The mind is busy as well judging color, patterns, and design.  Sometimes a bit tricky at first, this puzzle also fuels ingenuity and determination, and ultimately a sense of accomplishment!  Imagine the smiles and giggles!

chunk barnyard animal puzzle

Made of natural wood, finely sanded to protect little fingers, these colorful blocks are painted with kid-safe, water-based paints.  Artistically done, and made to last, the Chunky Barnyard Animal Puzzle will be a favorite to be passed down to future generations, creating ample opportunity for sharing “when I was your age” stories!

chunky barnyard animal puzzle

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